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Satellite Paradiso album on 180 gram Red Vinyl - SIGNED by John Ashton

$59.95 / On Sale

For the audiophile, the critically acclaimed debut album from Satellite Paradiso on warm-sounding, high quality 180 gram red vinyl with beautifully designed packaging. Slightly different mixes than the CD. SIGNED By John Ashton. Very limited availability. Once they're gone, they're gone!


Side One:
Super Anti Hero
Big Block

Side Two:
Bad Blood
Touch The Sky

"A monstrous, swaggering wall of sound." - Vive Le Rock (UK)

"With its virtuoso riffs, sonic swirls, sassy sax, melancholic cello and powerful vocals, SATELLITE PARADISO is music of the highest calibre." - Manchester Review (UK)

"SATELLITE PARADISO is clearly a labour of musical love. How John Ashton has managed to cajole and inspire such a plethora of talent onto one album is quite awe inspiring... This record floats and it kicks and it bites, but it always feels like it is involving you. I listened to it and almost felt like I was on it. " - Ian Hunter, Sabotage Times

"With Fred Schreck on vocals, the album rockets to invincible heights. As a frontman, Schreck is a force of nature, whose rich vocals are a powerhouse amongst a million electric currents. As an album, SATELLITE PARADISO is a musical wonder, music to completely submerge yourself in and feel every quiver of emotion and be in awe of its dexterity." - Manchester Review (UK)

"From power pop to rock 'n' roll aggression, this is a project just itching for airplay." - Vive Le Rock (UK)

NOTE: Item ships from the US. It costs us $20 to mail an LP overseas. We found this out the hard way. Sorry, but we're sure you will love the record!

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